Bob Baldwin started songwriting in 1985 with James "Crab" Robinson, and that's where he met Najee prior to his debut disc.  Since then, he's produced/arranged with some of the best in the business. Now he's opening up his schedule to produce you or one of your artists.  His last five nationally recorded discs since 2000 have all charted Billboard Top 20.  His contribution to the disc by Urban crooner Will Downing earned him a Grammy nomination for the "All The Man You Need" disc (2000).  He began playing at the age of four, hung out at his dad's gigs at age 7 with men 40 years his senior. His sequencing and programming skills happened in 1983 on Roger Powell Texture and has recorded through the 2-inch, ADAT and now digital recording eras. 

Having perfect pitch is certainly a strong asset in the studio and stamps out bad notes, flat and sharp notes. If a car is honking his horn down the street, he'll tell you the key. 

"The ear is critical to a great session", quotes the native New Yorker.

Production work includes an all-in fee of:

Programming - Includes (in a high-end sequencer) Keyboards, Drum Programming, Bass, Strings, etc. Musical styles include Contemporary &Traditional Jazz, Urban, Neo-Soul with a touch of blues and gospel. Also have access to great Brazilian musicians as well in the NY market.

Midi Tracking of keyboards either internally (with his souped up Macbook pro loaded with some incredible customized Baldwin keyboard sounds programmed into a classic tube hi-end mic-pres).

Money tight? Can't make it to the session and you have a record-quality studio in your local area? We can skype in and listen online to get you through the session.

Additional Info:
Additional live musicians and mixing of the project are also available at a live session setting for a reasonablly added expense.  In most cases, a song produced takes between 15-20 hours to create.

For more info, send us an email and we'll contact you shortly.

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Production, Performance &
Credits with
the following

Gerald Albright

Roy Ayers


George Benson

Rick Braun *

Tom Browne

Sharon Bryant

Porter Carroll

Eric Darius *

Will Downing

Eric Essix

Howard Hewitt

Dean James

Gordon James

Glenn Jones


Jeff Kashiwa

Chuck Loeb

Frank McComb

Marion Meadows

Chieli Minucci

Phil Perry

Noel Pointer

Darren Rahn

Nelson Rangell

Toni Redd

Joey Sommerville


Freddy V (AWB)

Grover Washington, Jr.

Kim Waters

Kirk Whalum *

Ragan Whiteside

* - Performed with​

Production Projects

Ragan Whiteside *
Class Axe (Produced by
Bob Baldwin/Dennis Johnson)

Gordon James

Toni Redd *
In The Key of Redd
(Produced Album)

Joey Sommerville *
Ride To This
Like You Mean It
The Get Down Club
(Co-Produced Album)

* - Have appeared on Bob's
solo projects
Solo Discs include:

1989 - I've Got a Long Way To Go (Malaco Jazz)

1990 - Rejoice (Atlantic Jazz)

1992 - Reflections of Love 
(Atlantic Jazz)

1994 - State of Mind

1995 - Welcome To The Games

1997 - Cool Breeze

2000 -

2000 - For You (UK Release)

2002 - Standing Tall

2002 - The American Spirit

2004 - Brazil Chill

2005 - All in A Day's Work

2007 - The Sanctioned Bootleg

2008 -

2009 - Lookin' Back

2010 - Never Can Say Goodbye, A Tribute to Michael Jackson

2011 - / Re-Vibe

2011 - Never Out of Season

2012 - "Betcha By Golly Wow", The Music of Thom Bell

2013 - Twenty

2015 - MelloWonder / Songs in the Key of Stevie
Music Business Master Coach and Pre-Legal Consultant Services:

Are you near completion of a project and have no idea what to do next? You're probably not alone.  

"I've seen enough contracts in my day and have steered some of my peers from signing agreements that would have done their career in. I am not a lawyer, but can advise you whether or not your contract is worth spending hundreds or thousands on before you make that additional investment. I'm putting my 25 years of knowledge to work for you so you don't make the same mistakes."

- Bob Baldwin
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