Harlem USA - 2008 - Duane Fish
Sepia Tone - Harlem USA - 2008 - (Duane Fish)
Jammin in the Subway - NYC - 2008 (Duane Fish)
Guggenheim Museum (Photo by John Ragusa)
Tough times call for tougher measures...Bootlegging in the Subway, NYC - 2008

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Photography by: Fountaine Lewis, Portia Sibiya, Jewel Shears, Jerry Brooks, Al Russell, Dee Freeman, Glen Frieson, Faith Swift,
Tony Graves, Al Russell, Gonzalo, Tony Graves, Duane Fish. Rod Taylor, and the Baldwin Family.
Dropping a pebble in Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers...1960's. Taken by my father....cool stuff.
Classic Baldwin shot, taken by my dad with a timer camera (Rolieflex) - 1950's
Having fun with lens....picture by Gary Berman - around 2000 - The BobBaldwin.com sessions.
Bob Baldwin, Sr., Renaissance Man
Jammin' At the Aquarium (Pix by Dee Freeman/Atlanta, Ga.)
More Jammin' with Tres Gilber (b) and J-Fly (dr) - (Pix by Dee Freeman/Atlanta, Ga.)
"Was That the Right Note?" - (Pix by Dee Freeman/Atlanta, Ga.)
Baldwin with Tres Gilbert (b)  - (Pix by Dee Freeman/Atlanta, Ga.)
Baldwin and Derek Scott (l) and Tres Gilber (r)  - (Pix by Dee Freeman/Atlanta, Ga.)
More Baldwin and Derek Scott (l) and Tres Gilber (r)  - (Pix by Dee Freeman/Atlanta, Ga.)
Hartford Jazz Fest - 2009
 (Photos by Keith and Debbie Franklin)
The Cats...and Kittens
(HOOVER, AL.) ....w/ Gerald Albright. Gerald played sax on "Funkin' For Jamaica" in 2000
(HOOVER, AL.) - w/ Jazz BLues legend Jeff Golub.
(HOOVER, AL.) - w/ a Baldwin fave, Keyboardist Jeff Lorber....he's like the eveready battery, keeps jammin' and jammin'....and...
(ATLANTA, GA.) - w/ one of the most underrated Keyboardist/Vocalist/Songwriters in the last 40 years, Mr. Frank McComb!
(WASHINGTON, DC) - Who's the man? - Hangin' with Nick Colionne, guitarist.
(BARBADOS) - With another cool keyboardist from Atlanta, Phil Davis, now a highly respected Educator at Clark Atlanta University.
(ATLANTA, GA) - Jammin' with Toni Redd, Centennial Park, Pa. - circa 2007
(REHOBOTH BEACH, DE) Family Affair - Baldwin, Eric Darius, Rick Braun, Tony Clarke - Kirk Whalum kneeling.  A great concert at RB, Delaware...The NewUrbanJazz Party.
(ATLANTA, GA) - Trumped up! - with Tom Browne (l) and Joey Sommerville - Atlanta Smooth Jazz Festival.
Backstage in Augsburg with Chris Standring - 2014
Tom Browne, Baldwin, Walter Beasley - Lakewood, NJ
Bob Baldwin, Kyle Turner, Marion Meadows - San Antonio, Tx.
Ga. Aquarium - 2011
 (Photos by Dee Freeman)
(NEWARK, NJ) - Dave Valentin and Ragan Whiteside on Flutes
(NEWARK, NJ) - "Take a Bow" - w/ Ruben Rodriguez, Ragan Whiteside, Chieli Minucci, Chembo Cornie, Tony Lewis, Dave Valentin
"Jazz for Haiti "- 2010
 (Photos by Keith and Debbie Franklin)
The First Ever New Rochelle Jazz Festival Created by Drummer Bryan Carter - July
With Longtime NR Entrepreneur Don Powell of Don Powell Enterprises
With Ragan Whiteside on Flute from Mt. Vernon, NY
Sittin' in with the Band
Incredible Vocalist Francesca from Upper Westchester County, NY
Kahlil on Keyboards
"New Rochelle Jazz Fest"- 2010
 (Photos by Tony Johnson)
Warming up for the Centennial Park program for WCLK - 91.9 FM.
The crowd was trying to say cool...
Hosted by WCLK, The Jazz of the City.
Sponsored by T10 Consulting
Sponsored by Eldwin Boyd/T10 Consulting
....the Spirit of Michael Jackson.
Can I Rap to you for a sec?
Me, Alexandar B. and Freddy V. backstage.
"How do I spell my name again??"
The Dr. Derek Scott on Guitar.
"Centennial Park"- 2010 with Freddy V. on Sax
 (Photos by Faith Swift)
Profile Pix
Artwork by Katherine Gilraine
Smooth Jazz Augsburg, Germany
(Photos by Sascha Brezina)

The Cover...

Christian Bossner, the man behind the vision. Nice work, CB!
The Venue
The space - quite ornate - live acoustics.
Partial view of the floor seating
Bumped into Matt Marshak at the Dusseldorf Airport en route to the venue....
Martin on the Guitar - tight player
Photo by Sascha Brezina
Stephanie Lottermoser on Sax, representing the sax and the ladies well in Augsburg.

Photo by Sascha Brezina
What was that melody again?

Photo by Sascha Brezina
Let us pray....

Photo by Sascha Brezina
Photo by Sascha Brezina
On the piano...a lovely Yamaha 7 footer...nice tone...cool.
Matt Marshak, Julian Vaughn and Marcus Anderson afterparty in Augsburg (Photo by Baldwin)
Bob Baldwin - Marcus Anderson - MA has been learning the stage ropes through his boss/protege', the legendary Prince. Catch him on the road.
The Venue...
Magelena hitting - after party style on day 2
Julian Vaughn...opening up for Candy Dulfer
Paul Taylor, Magdelena, me, and Marion Meadows downstairs grabbing a bite to eat.
Andy and Martin (Drums/Guitar). I thanked them for doing the homework and representing the music well.
The Last day...havin' fun....
Myself with Chris Standring backstage in Augsburg, Day 1
Marcus Anderson signing his swag...Nice performance, Marcus!
Artwork: Katherine Gilraine
Baldwin Photo: Rod Taylor

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