Paying Homage to the guy that started it all for me. - Robert G. Baldwin, Sr. _ Click for more
Al Gaines, Tuskegee Airman, a great father figure in my life. Click picture to see more.
Dad / Robert G. Baldwin
The original Torch Bearer

Dad was an incredible powerful dude!  His motor skills were pretty solid. Piano player, engineer, pool technician and great teacher. I learned an incredible amount of 'life skills' from this great man. In 1974, he suffered from encephilitis before he turned 50 years, but his las 30+ of life was very humbling to me.

Whenever I thought I had something to complain about, all I had to do is go visit him and he would lift my spritis.  In fact, there was nothing to complain about around him because here was a man who grew disabled over the years, but always had a great smile on his face, and that was incredibly inspiring to me.  BB, Sr. will be missed, however, his spirit energizes me daily and this is why I have the passion about music that I've had over the years.  

When he got sick, we both agreed that  I would carry his 'torch' by sharing his music throughout the world.  His spirit lives on!

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Al Gaines
Tuskegee Airman
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Al Gaines was an incredible Tusgekegee Airman in the 1940's.  Al married my mom, Addie Viola Baldwin-Gaines in the early 1990's and brough her happiness until he passed.

But getting back to the Tuskegee Airman. This was during a time of segregation and preceded Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks and the tumultous period of the 1960's.  They quietly defended the US Air Force back then and defeated 106 German Warplanes with no loss of US life. His humbleness carried him into his later years and everything he accomplished in life was that of humility and honor.  He served as the first Black Lakeland School President in Cortlandt Manor, NY as well as the head of the Cortlandt Manor and Westchester County Democratic National Committee.

On the family side, he was cool people and loved to share his computer skills with family and was a great teacher.  Al passed away in 2008 at the age of 85.

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I'd like to humbly share some thoughts about some very dear family. These were the great adult pilliars in my life, which have had tremendous impact, even today.

Viola Baldwin-Gaines
Matriarch - Living Legend

Addie Viola Baldwin-Gaines is the mother of the Artist, and the motivating force behind the early years of Baldwin. When lessons had to be taught, she was there to do the heavy lifting, like making sure the junior Baldwin was diligent on his homework assignments. She helped to purchase this original upright piano for lessons.

Ms. Gaines had to carve our her own legacy in the process. At age 50,she pursued her own Degree in Socialogy at Mercy College in NY. She worked part-time while being a full-time mom, had a part-time job and pursued her college education, and finished at the tender age of 60.

It was this type of motivation and inspiration she provided to keep the son on point and on focus.

Kudos to the living legend, Ms. Addie Viola Baldwin-Gaines.
Bob Baldwin, live - Augsburg, Germany - Photo: Sascha Brezina

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